Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Moon Mineral Distribution

Yesterday CCP released the February 2020 update which included quite a bit of changes and fixes, but also made some drastic changes to the mining aspect of EVE Online. I made a post yesterday shortly after the update went live called "A Not So Rocky Road" which I provided my thoughts on.

However, it seems that shortly after my blog post, CCP made their own blog post called "Moon Mineral Distribution". In that blog post of theirs it seems that the drastic and seemingly insane changes to universe wide asteroids was intended and that it was part of a bigger plan of "phases". It seems currently we are in the "shortage phase" which is the first phase of three, the other two being "Re-distribution phase" and the last being "Dynamic distribution phase".

CCP goes on to explain future iterations of this planned distribution, which includes the following changes in a future update (which I assume is the re-distribution phase):

  • Complete removal of all basic ore types from all moons
  • Adjustments on ore volume extracted per day, per moon
  • Adjustments on moon ore type yields of basic minerals

This is definitely going to be an interesting time for us as chaos has already ensued and within hours of yesterdays update some of the mineral prices at Jita skyrocketed to absolutely insane levels.

It will also be curious how all of us living in K-Space will adapt to this and how we will manage to overcome the chaos as we have for previous events like this (such as blackout).

Interesting times ahead...

Fly dangerously

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  1. I like that, "Interesting times ahead..." I mean, isn't that what you WANT from a "game", an interesting time? I guess it's all in how we each subjectively define what is "interesting".

    Personally, I like it when CCP does crazy stuff... At the very least is shows us they, the guys who started this, are actually still at the helm of EVE Online.