Monday, January 6, 2020

Fellow EVE Blogger: Rixx Javix

EVE Online bloggers became more and more of a rarity since the heavy push into online videos and live streaming through services such as YouTube and Twitch.

I tweeted out something the other day that came to mind as the EVE streaming community is basically loved by all and it was extremely easy for randoms to just hop on and milk the EVE community for money, whereas the other hand us bloggers are like the bastard content creators and nobody has an attention span to read our stories and adventures of our lives in New Eden anymore.

You can find the tweet here, which sparked a bit of discussion:

There turned out to be some sites which provided help to bloggers by aggregating all our latest posts into a feed, though it wasn't all that readily accessible like YouTube or Twitch.

Also there is the aspect that us bloggers have to do a lot of work with our writing, brainstorming what we plan to type next and the sorts where EVE streamers just press "start streaming" in OBS and fly around.

So here I am today writing this post. I know my blog is extremely small and essentially has zero traffic, but I feel like doing something for one of the first EVE bloggers I came across since I started playing EVE.

He goes by Rixx Javix and he runs the blog called EVEOGANDA. Rixx has been blogging for 10 years now and his blog gives great insights into the life of a pilot who not only lives in lowsec, but is also the only pirate I currently know and interact with.

Him and his blog are like the pinnacle of EVE bloggers and to my knowledge is one of the longest lasting blogs that is still active to this date (there are a lot of blogs I found through searches that are dead and inactive).

So if you're looking for a little insight into the lowsec pirate life, I would highly recommend checking out Rixx's blog here:

Also be sure to check out his latest post (at the time of this one) relating to the 10 years of EVEOGANDA and why he keeps blogging:

Keep it up Rixx and stop drinking all the damned rum!

Fly dangerously


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