Monday, January 6, 2020

Fellow EVE Blogger: Rixx Javix

EVE Online bloggers became more and more of a rarity since the heavy push into online videos and live streaming through services such as YouTube and Twitch.

I tweeted out something the other day that came to mind as the EVE streaming community is basically loved by all and it was extremely easy for randoms to just hop on and milk the EVE community for money, whereas the other hand us bloggers are like the bastard content creators and nobody has an attention span to read our stories and adventures of our lives in New Eden anymore.

You can find the tweet here, which sparked a bit of discussion:

There turned out to be some sites which provided help to bloggers by aggregating all our latest posts into a feed, though it wasn't all that readily accessible like YouTube or Twitch.

Also there is the aspect that us bloggers have to do a lot of work with our writing, brainstorming what we plan to type next and the sorts where EVE streamers just press "start streaming" in OBS and fly around.

So here I am today writing this post. I know my blog is extremely small and essentially has zero traffic, but I feel like doing something for one of the first EVE bloggers I came across since I started playing EVE.

He goes by Rixx Javix and he runs the blog called EVEOGANDA. Rixx has been blogging for 10 years now and his blog gives great insights into the life of a pilot who not only lives in lowsec, but is also the only pirate I currently know and interact with.

Him and his blog are like the pinnacle of EVE bloggers and to my knowledge is one of the longest lasting blogs that is still active to this date (there are a lot of blogs I found through searches that are dead and inactive).

So if you're looking for a little insight into the lowsec pirate life, I would highly recommend checking out Rixx's blog here:

Also be sure to check out his latest post (at the time of this one) relating to the 10 years of EVEOGANDA and why he keeps blogging:

Keep it up Rixx and stop drinking all the damned rum!

Fly dangerously

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Move into Nullsec

My very first post on my blog, The Highsec Life, is a plan I had essentially set for myself and a few goals I wanted to reach before moving into nullsec.

One of the things that was included in my plan was upgrading from Alpha to Omega account for a month and spend that month in highsec building up my personal wealth before making the move.

Essentially what my plan to do was train up my skills while I blitzed highsec combat sites (Guristas Hideaways and Guristas Refuges) to obtain 4/10 escalations in the form of Guristas Scout Outposts. These escalations can drop some very nice things, such as Pithum C Type Adaptive Invulnerability Fields which sell for close to 400,000,000 ISK. I managed to get one and sell it for ~360m and also got a Gila blueprint from another escalation which sold for like ~120m.

However, my plan came to fall apart and I found myself having to move to nullsec earlier than expected. This was due to the fact that it seems like my luck with escalations had run out and I must have run close to over 150 sites and didn't get a single escalation and only one single commander spawn (of 4) that had loot of any sort of value.

I was growing frustrated and I ended up applying to our main nullsec corporation, Pandemic Horde Inc.. I sold off all my highsec assets and remote cloned to our staging Keepstar in R1O-GN after being accepted.

At this time I essentially already had all the skills and money I needed to purchase and fit a Gila for ratting and I went out and did so. Of the 6 Drone Hordes I had run since moving to nullsec, I got one 10/10 escalation (which I sold for 100m), an Infested Carrier spawn and last but not least some nice ticks and a bit of extra ISK in the form of salvage (I orbit an MTU with my Gila and then use a Cormorant with salvagers to clean up after the site is complete). I also got into some PVP between my ratting.

Needless to say, I don't plan to ever return to highsec again on my main character unless it's for like some stratop or something. If I ever go back into highsec, it will be if I ever make an alt to use for like browsing Jita/Perimeter markets.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thank You CCP o7

It's the final day of 2019 and the final day of the decade and as we usher in 2020 and a new decade, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you.

Firstly, I just want to extend the biggest thank you to CCP for EVE Online. I've only been playing for a few short years compared to a lot of people, but the moment I started playing EVE 3 years ago it became a huge part of my life and helped me in so many ways ranging from helping me with my depression as well as my loneliness. EVE has helped me through both thick and thin and I am very grateful to be a player in such a great game.

Thank you CCP. Thank you for all that you do for us players in EVE Online. I hope the new decade brings about fantastic new things in EVE as well as many new players.

I salute you, CCP. o7

Secondly, I want to take this time to say thank you to the entire EVE Online community. You all are quite literally the best gaming community I've ever had the honor of being part of. Without you, EVE Online would be literally nothing. I look forward to all the shenanigans, fights and other things in game for the new year.

Thank you, fellow capsuleers. I salute you too. o7

Lastly, I would just like to extend my condolences and show my respects to all the families of the capsuleers who have passed and cannot be here this year and the years to come. Keep them in your hearts and in your memories forever.

To all the capsuleers who cannot be here, I salute you. o7

Happy New Year to you CCP and to all of the EVE Online Community. Let's all make 2020 a great new decade in EVE's history.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Alpha to Omega

With my most recent post titled "The Highsec Life", I essentially set myself some goals of wealth generation in highsec for awhile and eventually moving out to nullsec to the main Pandemic Horde corporation.

Part of my goals was to get myself 1 month of Omega clone status time. That time came yesterday after a few days before I had gotten myself a $20 Steam wallet card and put it onto my Steam account. I waited a few days before going Omega, but finally did it yesterday.

I had an idea to do a personal spreadsheet outlining the different skill levels between an Alpha and Omega account. I eventually scrapped this idea and just took screenshots of my skill lists and used that as a reference.

One of the reasons for going Omega for a month was to help accelerate my skill training of Alpha skills I would need for my future endeavors. I'm opting out of training any skills further than what an Alpha account can do as I only purchased 1 month of Omega time (so I will be reverting back to Alpha in one months time).

Also this was a great time to go Omega as I had completed both the 15 day login campaign as well as the 13 days of EVE campaign for my Alpha account and once upgrading to Omega I was able to redeem all 13 days worth of goodies from the holiday event and I secured something like 700,000 skill points to use (I already had 60,000 saved up from Chilling Spree).

This provided me a great boost and has now allowed me to better fit my Drake Navy Issue, which I am currently using to run 4/10 escalations (Guristas Scout Outposts).

Perhaps in a few months I will get another month of Omega time.

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Highsec Life

I've been meaning to start up my blog lately, but I have been so busy with other things IRL that I haven't really had time to play EVE or get this blog going.

With that said and out of the way, I've taken it upon myself to live life in highsec for the time being. One of the first things most people tell people is that highsec sucks and to get out of there and into another place like nullsec.

I do plan on moving to nullsec in the future, but for right now my place is in highsec. While I'm living in empire space, and before my move to nullsec, I want to train my skills up as well as accumulate personal wealth before I make the move.

I'm currently a member of the High Sec Division of Pandemic Horde and will apply to Pandemic Horde Inc. when I get ready to move into nullsec after my accumulation of personal wealth.

At this time I am currently building myself to an orientation of running 4/10 escalations as well as moving into doing emerging conduits by myself as well. I'm looking to stockpile ISK before I move so I can maintain Omega status through ISK.

Recently caught myself a nice payday as last night I got a Guristas Scout Outpost escalation (4/10) and managed to scoop up a Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field which I sold for roughly 365,000,000 ISK. I then myself a Drake Navy Issue, all the fittings that I am able to skillwise and an Alpha Skill Injector to give me a little extra boost.

I also recently got myself a $20 Steam wallet card, so I will be purchasing one month of Omega status in a few days to help speed up my skill training, which in turn will help me accelerate my own personal wealth.

Anyway, if you ever see me in local flying around highsec feel free to say hello. :)

Fly dangerously